Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Duration: 4 weeks

Period offered: All

Distribution of student's time:
70% inpatient care
20% clinical rounds
10% conferences/lectures

Average number of patients seen each week: 10

Enrollment/Period: 3 maximum, upon availability

Prerequisites: Must be 4th year medical student, and completion of all core clerkships

Clerkship Objectives:

  • Enhance knowledge and skills pertaining to interviewing, physical examination, or patient interactions, interpretation of data, clinical judgment, and procedures (i.e., swan, CVP, and hemodynamics).
  • Increase student involvement in conferences, journal clubs, etc., by having students present patients and/or patient data.
  • Increase student use/review of the medical literature as part of patient care (report to attending), and as part of a conference or journal club.


  • Quality of care given (including clinical judgment)
  • Participation and performance in conferences
  • Level of knowledge (including new knowledge)
  • Level of skills

Methods to be used in student evaluation:

  • Observation of performance by faculty and house officers
  • Assessment of write-ups/reports

This program provides a practical orientation in problem identification and solving with respect to the problems of the critically ill patient. There will be special emphasis on establishing priorities of treatment and assessing changes in priorities of treatment, dependent upon the condition of the patient.

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