Enjoy a Safe Spring and Summer

The warmer weather is finally here! It’s time to get out there and enjoy all that the sun, gentle breezes, and Michigan parks and lakes have to offer. But before you do, keep in mind these important reminders of how to increase your enjoyment by playing it safe.

  1. Dress appropriately. Getting too chilled or too hot can be uncomfortable and unsafe. Look at the weather forecast on your smartphone or on TV before heading out. Dressing in layers can help you peel off unnecessary clothing as the summer sun hits its peak. Likewise, bringing along a sweater, sweatshirt or lightweight jacket can help keep the chill at bay when daytime activities run into nighttime.
  2. Sun protection. There are three main strategies to protect your skin and eyes from overexposure to the sun’s rays. They are:
    1. Cover up. Wear lightweight shirts and pants if you will be in direct sunlight; shield your eyes with sunglasses; and cover your head with a baseball cap or other type of stylish headwear.
    2. Sunscreen. Use at least SPF (sun protection factor) 30 and apply to all exposed areas. Reapply after about an hour or after swimming or sweating.
    3. Shade. Nothing beats the heat and blocks the sun’s rays like shade. Whether it’s shade from a tree, an awning or umbrella, use it. Keep in mind, though, that you can still get overheated in the shade so be aware of how you are feeling at all times.
  3. Hydrate. Keep thirst and dehydration at bay by making it a habit to drink lots of water. (Please see the related article on page 3.)
  4. Start up slow. If you’ve been sedentary most of the winter you’ll have to build up to your activity level of last summer and fall. Be patient. Your fitness level will come back quickly if you play it smart and do not overdo it.
  5. Pedestrian traffic. If you are driving a car, remember that kids and adults will be out riding bikes, scooters and skateboards. They will be inline skating, walking and running. As you back out of your driveway take a few good long looks before you proceed to make sure no one is coming. The same goes for pulling up to a stop sign. The rule is to stop behind the sidewalk (in case a pedestrian is about to cross in front of you). And if you are the one riding a bike, walking, running, etc. be on the lookout for drivers who don’t stop or look!
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