HFACO Leadership

The Henry Ford ACO is led by a diverse and comprehensive team of physicians, hospital executives and experienced health care administrators assembled to ensure the most thoughtful, efficient and effective care of all of its patients.


  • Bruce Muma, MD – HFACO Interim President and Executive; HFACO Chief Medical Officer


All Henry Ford Health System hospitals are full partners in the HFACO and participate in Board and Operational Committee activities. The HFACO Board also includes a Medicare Beneficiary, representatives from the private practice sector, employed (non-Henry Ford Medical Group practices), the Henry Ford Medical Group, hospital executives and Henry Ford Health System senior leaders.

The Henry Ford Accountable Care Organization Board Members are:

  • Dr. Bruce Muma, CMO and Interim President of the Henry Ford Physician Network; HFACO Interim President and Executive; HFACO Chief Medical Officer and Board Member
  • Dr. Bill Conway, Henry Ford Medical Group CEO; HFACO Chairman of the Board
  • Bob Riney, Henry Ford Health System Executive Vice President and COO; HFACO Board Member
  • Dr. Diane George, CMO, Henry Ford Medical Group Primary Care; HFACO Board Member
  • Dr. Joanna Pease, CMO, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital; HFACO Board Member
  • Ed Callaghan, PhD; HFACO Beneficiary Board Member and Consumer Advocate Representative


  • Katherine Scher, RN, CCM – Director, Population Health Management and Clinical Coordination
  • Sue Craft, RN – Director, Care Coordination Initiatives
  • Courtney Stevens – HFACO Telehealth Director
  • Mirza Beg, MBBS, Division Head – Gerontology; HFACO Director, Home Physician Services
  • Greg Solecki – Vice President, Henry Ford at Home; HFACO Director, Home Health Services


  • Melissa Kurtz – HFACO Director of Business Operations
  • Matthew Wolocko – HFACO Chief Compliance Officer
  • Matt Hussmann – HFACO Director of Analytics
  • Theresa Porada – HFACO Coordinator, Provider Relations/Henry Ford Physician Network
  • Sheronde Battle – HFACO Physician Liaison
  • Cyndy Nehr – HFACO Coordinator, Communications
  • Theresa Jezak – HFACO Administrative Assistant
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