Shared Savings

The Next Generation Accountable Care Organization model – the foundation for the Henry Ford Accountable Care Organization – is based on providing beneficiaries (patients) with greater coordination of care and added health care options. This, in turn, is expected to create greater value, safer care and better outcomes for all patients served.

Shared Savings and Losses

  • Amount of Shared Savings/Losses:
    • Agreement period beginning 2016, Performance Year 1, 2016: $3,938,137.76

How Shared Savings Are Distributed:

HFACO Participating Physicians received approximately 62% of the shared savings pursuant to their agreement with the ACO. The remaining shared savings were reinvested in infrastructure, redesign care process and improvement in outcomes/cost for Beneficiaries.

  • Agreement period beginning 2016, Performance Year 1
    • Proportion invested in infrastructure, redesigned care processes and other resources necessary to improve outcomes and reduce Medicare costs for Beneficiaries: $1,490,952.48 (38%)
    • Proportion of distribution to HFACO Next Generation Participants $2,447,185.28 (62%) as defined as:
      • Hospitals: $1,087,637.90 (28%)
      • Physicians:
        • PCPs: $1,087,637.90 (28%)
        • Specialists: $271,909.48 (6%)

Henry Ford ACO 2016 Quality Reporting Results

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