community dr wisdom with kids
Kimberlydawn Wisdom, M.D., Senior Vice President of Community Health & Equity and Chief Wellness and Diversity Officer at Henry Ford Health, dances with Generation With Promise students.

Through strategic initiatives, neighborhood events and innovative programming, Henry Ford is building stronger, healthier communities.

Programs are inventive, offering tools and strategies that lead to long-term improvements in nutrition, fitness and well-being. Partnerships with other local health care providers and community organizations create synergy, strength and diverse opportunities. Henry Ford gets involved with support, leadership, and important financial investments that produce valuable community resources that can be shared and enjoyed for generations to come.

In and Around Detroit

Henry Ford and HAP are sponsors of:

MoGo Bike Share

112,694 rides
2,100 rides in one day - peak
505 trips - daily average
85,000 miles traveled
3.67 million calories burned

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M-1 Q-Line

Henry Ford - Sponsor and founding partner
6.6 mile streetcar loop

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Providers give Patients ‘Fresh Prescriptions’

community vegetables

At Henry Ford Hospital, Internal Medicine providers are writing “prescriptions” for fresh fruits and vegetables through the Fresh Prescription program.

Patients take their prescriptions to the Henry Ford campus farmer’s market where they meet with a dietitian, set goals, and receive a $10 gift card for the market. They check in with the dietitian or health educator three more times, and the dietitian re-loads the cards for spending at designated markets and farm stands in Detroit. Because they visit local businesses, patients also interact in the community and support the local economy.

Brenda Williams participated in Fresh Prescription and months later, has continued to eat more fresh vegetables. “It was the nudge I needed. I’m diabetic and the dietitians advised me about different things that would be good for me. I tried asparagus and broccoli, and have continued to eat them. In the evenings, I used to eat a candy bar or some ice cream. Now I eat a veggie.” Williams reports her A1C levels improved and have remained lower.

Internal Medicine resident Jasmine Omar, M.D., says patients usually have one or more chronic conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure. “Many chronic health conditions can be improved with small changes in diet and nutrition that address the underlying issue. With this knowledge, patients are able to better manage their conditions, now and in the future.”

2017 Fresh Prescription Participant Data

  • 79 percent were better able to manage their overall health.

  • 70 percent increased their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

  • 60 percent decreased the amount of unhealthy foods eaten daily.

  • 53 percent decreased the number of sugary beverages they consume per day.

  • A subset showed decreases in blood pressure and weight.

The program is part of a network of community partners. Visit Plans for Fresh Prescription include building on a partnership with Detroit’s Eastern Market Corporation and potentially area grocery stores or farm stands to offer the program year-round and in additional areas. 

2017 Community Highlights

community kidney walk

More than 1,500 Henry Ford and HAP walkers raised $292,513 at the Kidney Walk.Total walkers and volunteers at this event were 5,500, raising $680,000 – an all-time high.

The System continues to improve birth outcomes in the city of Detroit through the Women Inspired Network (WIN): Detroit. Among participants in 2017:

  • There were zero preventable infant deaths
  • 100 percent of mothers initiated breastfeeding
  • Average birth weight was just over seven pounds
  • Average gestational age was slightly more than 39 weeks

Generation with Promise

Generation With Promise continues to promote health and wellness in Detroit and Wayne and Macomb counties, reaching more than 54,000 youth and adults in 2017. Almost 190,000 have participated since inception. Programming was funded, in part, by a $100,000 grant from Henry Ford Health Foundation Board Member Gregory Jackson.

A partnership between Henry Ford LiveWell and PistonsFit brought more than 1,000 children wellness information through face-to-face programs held at schools and Henry Ford Health sites, including a healthy cook-off with Pistons players.

community path to wellness

The Path to Wellness, a half-mile walking and cycling route located on the West Bloomfield Hospital campus, became an active part of the campus landscape in 2017.

In Jackson, Henry Ford Allegiance Health is working with other health providers and community organization leaders to change how the community delivers care and interacts with high-risk residents. Together, they are developing a screening tool and online system to identify residents who need assistance and connect them with housing, safety, food and utility resources.

community health fairs

Health fairs and family wellness events were held at Wyandotte’s Brownstown and Macomb’s Richmond medical centers and at sites throughout the system. Employees conducted health screenings at 76 different sites, reaching nearly 2,000 people across the tri-county area.

Henry Ford joined with St. John Providence and the DMC to develop a new healthcare industry training program through the Detroit at Work Initiative, with training provided by Focus: HOPE and the Oakland University School of Nursing Continuing Education.

A one-year pilot program in partnership with Gleaner’s Community Food Bank provides on-the-spot emergency food bags to patients in need at three Henry Ford locations. Patients receive food bags bi-weekly for six months.

community kroger
In partnership with Kroger, dietitian nutritionists take consumers who sign up on store tours to help them learn how to select healthy foods, read nutrition levels, and more.

2017 Community Awards

  • Henry Ford Allegiance Health won the Governor’s Service Award for Outstanding Volunteer Program.
  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital was recognized by U.S. News & World Report for providing radio programming in the Aramaic language. See all of our 2017 awards.
2017 System Annual Report

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