Henry Ford Early College E-Mentor Program

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E-Mentoring: What is it?

E-mentoring is a new approach to connecting students interested in health careers with professional health care providers. E-mentoring merges electronic communication and mentoring. This is an innovative way to utilize technology to educate young people interested in health careers and link them with mentors in health careers. E-mentoring allows the creation of a virtual community to provide a question-answer forum, advice, information, support and guidance to future health care providers.

The advantages of E-mentoring include eliminating physical geographic barriers, saving time and allowing students and mentors to interact with more than one person at a time. This can be valuable in promoting relationships among mentors and students while nurturing a student’s interest in health careers. The E-mentoring program will take advantage of the technology age we are living in to create a reliable information source to share information and increase awareness of students regarding health careers.

E-Mentoring: How does it work?

A website is set up with mentor and student profiles. Students can browse the various profiles and submit questions/comments to the mentors in careers they may be interested in or have further questions about. Mentors and students communicate by submitting questions and answers via the E-form linked to each profile. Mentors provide responses to the student questions and the Project Administrator reviews the responses. At the end of each day, questions and responses are compiled and posted on a central webpage.

Health Care E-Mentoring Community

  • Mentor biographies and pics
  • List of students include; first name, last initial; area of interest; year at HFEC
  • Partner logos and links to web sites
  • Mentor’s Digest: a repository for all previous questions and responses
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