Facebook Event Request Form

When is it best to create a Facebook Event?

Preliminary questions to consider:

  • What is the primary objective of creating an event?
    • Get people talking about your event and provide additional information about your event by linking to calendar or event landing page on .com
    • All events must link to HenryFord.com, which is the source of truth. Events with links to 3rd party sites will not be created.
  • Who is the target audience for this event? Are they active on Facebook?
  • When is the event taking place?
    • Aim to have the event created 4 weeks in advance. Give people as much time as possible to know about the event and keep it on their radar.
      • If your event is reoccurring (same day/time for several weeks/months), request one Facebook event instead of multiple events.

If after reading you feel that a Facebook Event is still a good fit, please fill out the below. If approved, we will reach out to the requestor and assist in creating the event.

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