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Please complete this form to submit requests for edits or new content additions to henryford.com.

  • Your request will be reviewed and assigned to a web team member.
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  • As the time needed to complete your request will vary, please consult the table to the right for lead time suggestions.
  • If we have resources to complete a project ahead of the deadline, we will do so.

Additional forms for other requests

Certain types of changes have their own forms for submitting requests. Please use these links for the following tasks:

More information and resources are available in the online style guide.

Web Project Type Lead Time Needed
Landing page for paid advertising 2-3 weeks
Minor updates to an existing page 2-3 weeks
Major updates to existing page 3-4 weeks
Small new web project (1-3 new pages) 3-4 weeks 
Medium new web project (3-6 new pages) 4-5 weeks 
Large new web project (6+ new pages) 5-8 weeks 

*Asterisk indicates a required field.

for example henryford.com/meded
Page tables for new content can be found at henryford.com/writingresources
reference table above for guidance selecting a due date