Patient Care Overview | Henry Ford Medical Group


The Henry Ford Medical Group has expertise in virtually every clinical specialty and subspecialty. With more than 200 primary care physicians practicing at over 25 outpatient centers located throughout southeast Michigan, our community of patients benefit from the Henry Ford Medical Group’s special expertise in preventive care services and disease management programs for chronic conditions such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, diabetes, asthma, and depression.

Primary Care

As partners in patient care, our primary care physicians work with specialty physicians in the diagnosis, management, and rapid referral of patients with complex medical conditions requiring specialty care. The Henry Ford Medical Group also partners with various employers and insurers to conduct pilot programs that demonstrate improvement in control of risk factors and a reduction in medical costs, benefiting patients as well as the health industry.

Specialty Centers of Excellence

Henry Ford Medical Group specialists provide consultative services to both internal and external physicians, team care for medically complex patients, and comprehensive surgical services in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The Henry Ford Medical Group’s principles of collaboration have established multidisciplinary Centers of Excellence joining medical and surgical specialty fields for comprehensive patient care. Specialty Centers of Excellence include cancer, heart and vascular diseases, neurological diseases, orthopedics, urologic diseases, and others.

Physician collaboration benefits patient care by synthesizing multiple expert opinions to personalize the treatment of each patient. Our Specialty Centers of Excellence include a host of Patient Case Review Boards where diagnostic, medical, interventional, and surgical specialty physicians come together to review every patient as a group to help decide which treatments are best based on each patient’s specific medical history and current condition. Patient Case Review Boards meet regularly for over a dozen different diseases, including cancers of all types, brain tumors, stroke, complex spine, carotid artery disease, epilepsy, and many others.