Professional Conduct and Standards



Members of Henry Ford Medical Group (HFMG) are expected to meet the highest standards of professional conduct. We wish to be the benchmark by which other physician groups are judged for the quality of our patient care, and our exemplary professional and ethical behavior.

Commitment of professional conduct

The Henry Ford Medical Group is committed to the highest professional and ethical values. We believe that our daily work is a privilege, honor and trusted responsibility. Our humble and respectful pledge to our patients, colleagues, staff and the community we serve is to:

  • Make the care of our patients our first concern
  • Respect each patient's dignity, beliefs and privacy with sensitivity and openness
  • Listen to our patients and respect their views and their right to be fully involved in decisions concerning their care
  • Be aware of, and sensitive to, the cultural beliefs of our patients and strive to minimize health disparities
  • Be honest, trustworthy, ethical and avoid misusing our position
  • Embrace and promote the creation of new medical knowledge and treatment methods through peer reviewed and respected research for the benefit of our patients and community
  • Keep our professional knowledge and skills current and recognize the limits of our abilities
  • Promptly admit our mistakes and act quickly to correct them
  • Maintain vigilance for conflicts of interest that might affect our objectivity
  • Work to align our resources to maximize the quality and efficiency of our care
  • Celebrate the important contributions of, and partnership with, all of our system coworkers
  • Work with colleagues, and referring physicians, as team members in ways that best serve the interest of our patients and our community