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We understand that addiction, also known as substance-use disorder, is not a lack of self-control or an unwillingness to quit using a particular substance. It is a serious medical condition that involves ongoing, repeated use of alcohol, opioids, or other drugs. It affects people from all walks of life, from every background from across metro Detroit and throughout Michigan.

Addiction can cause trouble at home, work, school, and in relationships. It also can lead to lasting health problems, including organ damage, disability, or even death if left untreated.

No one should face the challenges of addiction alone. Our team of addiction providers will work with you and your loved ones to develop a personalized, effective treatment plan. We provide comprehensive addiction care at the following Henry Ford locations:

Addiction assessment and diagnosis

The first step in treating addiction is a thorough assessment. We have to understand the root cause and where you are in the treatment process. For example, have you just realized you have a problem, or have you stopped using and are dealing with withdrawal symptoms? Do you have an underlying mental health condition that led to your substance abuse?

Once we’ve completed our assessment, we can diagnose and recommend the right type and level of care based on your unique needs. Learn more about addiction assessment.

Types of addiction we treat

Two of the most common types of addictions we treat are alcohol addiction and opioid addiction.

However, many patients -- especially teens and younger adults -- use multiple substances instead of just one. This means we focus on the disease of addiction rather than the substance being used.

Learn more about the types of addiction we treat.

Addiction treatment options

Your treatment plan and level of care are based on evidence gathered during the assessment phase and the latest scientific research in addiction.

We offer three main levels of addiction treatment:

Treatment plans may include detoxification (also known as detox) and medication-assisted treatment, depending on your needs. In addition, we offer addiction programs for members of specific populations, including:

Learn more about our addiction treatment options.

Ongoing education and support

Addiction care is a continuous process that involves help from loved ones and a variety of support systems.

Patients and loved ones whose lives have been touched by addiction can access our wide range of education resources. We also recommend that you and your family members take part in 12-step programs offered by organizations in our community for additional support.

Learn more about education and support programs available to our patients.

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