Addiction Assessment and Diagnosis

Understanding substance-use disorder.

Before we can treat you for addiction (substance-use disorder), we first have to understand the specifics of your condition. A thorough assessment gives us vital information our addiction team will use to create your customized treatment plan.

For patients with severe addiction, we offer same-day assessments for residential (inpatient) addiction treatment at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center in West Bloomfield.

If you’re struggling with mild to moderate addiction, you can receive an outpatient assessment within one or two days of when you contact us, depending on your schedule. Outpatient assessments are available at:

What to expect from the assessment process

Each assessment includes both a physical examination and a psychosocial examination where you will discuss your work, home, and personal life. Physicians who are certified in addiction medicine will conduct your physical exam. Licensed psychologists and social workers will perform your psychosocial exam. This two-part assessment helps us learn whether you have additional physical or psychiatric conditions that could affect treatment, as well as what you hope to accomplish with treatment.

We encourage your loved ones to take part in the assessment process. For our teen patients, parents or guardians are required to participate.

Addiction diagnosis and beyond

Once your assessment is complete, we can determine if substance-use disorder is your main behavioral health issue. If you’re struggling with another condition, such as depression, your treatment plan may be different than someone whose substance-use disorder is their primary diagnosis.

During the diagnostic phase, we can identify particular needs to consider for teens and women, including pregnant patients.

After diagnosis, we’ll go over our treatment recommendations with you and your loved ones so you can decide on the next step. Learn more about our addiction treatment options.

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