Addiction Conditions

Caring for people who struggle with substance-use disorder.

Addiction, also called substance-use disorder, is a complex medical problem. It’s a disease that causes changes in the brain over time.

Addiction is not simply a lack of willpower or an unwillingness to stop using a drug. Patients often need professional help in order to get better. Our addiction team provides specialized care for people who are struggling with these challenges.

Addiction types

Many of our patients use more than one substance. Addiction involving the use of multiple substances is called polysubstance-use disorder. Teens and younger adults are especially at risk for polysubstance-use disorder. This may be because young people who begin using addictive substances early are more likely to experiment with more substances and spend time with those who do.

Two of the types of addiction we treat most often are alcohol addiction and opioid addiction. We also care for patients who use a variety of addictive substances, including:

  • Cocaine, methamphetamine (meth), and other stimulants
  • Hallucinogens, including LSD and PCP
  • Prescription medications

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