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woman on couch with computer

What's In Your Online Medical Record?

: Online medical records are more prevalent than ever. If you haven't checked out your info lately (or ever), here's why periodically checking it is imp...

Mother and daughter filling in paperwork

Advance Directive 101: Your Common Q's Answered

: An advance directive allows you to spell out your wishes to healthcare providers about treatment choices in the event you cannot speak for yourself. L...

woman with sleep mask in bed

Don't Lose Sleep Over Daylight Saving Time

: A Henry Ford pulmonologist and sleep expert offers simple tips on how to adjust your bedtime routine and sleep schedule so that you and your family ca...

Female doctor listening to mans heart

Heart Murmurs: The Difference Between Innocent And Abnormal

: What does it mean to have a heart murmur? Can a heart murmur lead to the diagnosis of a serious heart condition, or can it be no big deal? A Henry For...

Woman looking out the window

Self Care For The Winter Blues

: During the colder days and shorter daylight hours, it’s not unusual to experience symptoms of the “winter blues.” Although most of u...

younger woman being comforted by older woman

Is Someone You Love Using Meth? How To Talk About It

: Methamphetamine use has been eclipsed in the media by opioid epidemic, giving the false impression that meth use has declined. If a friend or family m...


4 Ways To Reduce Winter Joint Pain

: Winter weather can cause joint pain to become worse. If you're living with joint pain, here are an orthopedic surgeon's 4 key tips for staying more co...

woman holding her ankle

Love Your Legs: Solutions For Varicose Veins

: Do you ever avoid wearing shorts or dresses because of how the veins in your legs look? Do you experience pain or a sense of heaviness in your legs? A...

pregnant woman eating

Eating For Two: Healthy Choices For Baby & You

: When eating for two (or more), it’s where the calories come from that matters most. Extra baby-building calories need to come from a well-balanc...

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