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Kids Art Club

We are offering opened ended art lessons for school-age kids. This class is designed for those kids that are learning remotely/virtually, homeschooling, or are not in school yet. All sessions will be taught by Kelly Darke, registered art therapist. TAB - Teaching Artistic Behavior is a “learner-directed approach that meets the needs of all learners through choice, agency, flexibility, and emergent curriculum.”

Kelly says, “I like to combine elements of TAB and art therapy to create positive, thought-provoking experiences for participants. Students learn how to use and experiment with artistic tools and techniques to create work that is uniquely theirs. Creating art helps build creative problem solving skills, emotional regulation, and confidence. Art helps us to express ideas that cannot be explained with words alone. Creating art is also a safe and healthy way to reduce stress, which is something that benefits everyone.” 

NOTE: If no participants join the call/class within 15 minutes after the start time, the call/class will end.

Supplies needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil 
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue sticks
  • Oil pastels
  • Watercolor paint and brush
  • Scissors
  • Blank folded notecard, etc.

Session dates: 

2/19 - Optical Illusion Lines
Supplies needed: paper, ruler (straight edge), pencil, black marker
Description: Create an optical illusion using only lines. Your lines will make your paper look like 3D when it’s still flat. 

2/26 - Stained Glass Painting
Supplies needed: paper, masking tape, watercolor paint, pen / marker
Description: We will create a design that looks like stained glass

3/5 - Tie-Dye Mandala
Supplies needed: circular coffee filter, sharpie (permanent) black marker, washable (watercolor) color markers, water (in a spray bottle is best)
Description: Create your own mandala symmetrical pattern by folding and drawing 

3/12 - Lucky Me!
Supplies needed: paper, scissors, markers, glue
Description: We will be creating a lucky clover to illustrate all the things we are lucky to have in our lives. 

3/19 - Cardboard Weaving
Supplies needed: cardboard cut to a rectangle about 8x10 inches, yarn, weaving needle OR popsicle stick or pencil, tape, scissors
Description: Using cardboard and yarn you can weave anything! Make a bracelet in one color or stripes; make a bookmark; make a weaving artwork to hang on your wall


4/2- Pointillism 
Supplies needed: paper, (template optional), markers, colored pens, or acrylic paint and a q-tip or pencil with eraser (thicker than watercolor)
Description: Pointillism is creating art with only dots of color - more dots for shadows, fewer dots for highlights

4/9- Scavenger Hunt Color Wheel
Supplies needed: objects with colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
Description: Can you find items in your house to create a color wheel? 

4/16- Aluminum Foil Figure Sculpture
Supplies needed: aluminum foil, masking tape (optional), paint (optional)
Description: Learn the steps to creating a small sculpture figure with aluminum foil - wrap with masking tape and paint if desired

4/23- Impressionism
Supplies needed: paper, template (optional), crayons, markers, or paint
Description: the Impressionist painters looked at how the light blurred the edges of objects and reflected colors into the shadows. We will create our own impressionist style painting

4/30- Homemade Air Dry Clay
Supplies needed: a bowl, 2 Cups flour, 1 Cup salt, 1 Cup water
Description: A simple recipe for dough that can air dry or bake in the oven at 250* and then painted mix the flour and salt in the bowl - add the water a little bit at a time until the dough becomes a good consistency. 

5/7 - Mosaic
Supplies needed: paper, template (optional), magazine paper, glue
Description: Create a landscape image using only small pieces of magazine pages for your colors

5/14- Paper Birds
Supplies needed: bird template, newspaper or scrap paper, color paper (construction paper or color with markers), masking tape, wire or paperclips, scissors, glue
Description: We will create a small paper sculpture bird with paper feathers

5/21- Typography
Supplies needed: paper, pencil, pens, markers
Description: Design your own unique letters for your name

5/28- No class - Memorial Day Weekend

6/4- Marbled Paper
Supplies needed: paper, sidewalk chalk, sandpaper, large tray with water (paper must fit easily on top of tray)
Description: An easy way to create marbled paper

6/11 - End of Year Celebration - personal awards / certificates 
Supplies needed: printed certificate, coloring or painting materials
Description: It’s the end of the school year - let’s celebrate! 

June 18, 2021 - week off


*Classes are sponsored by Henry Ford C.A.R.E. Program and iCare4U ERG

Contact: C.A.R.E. Program


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