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Heart Health Dinner Seminars

Join us for a free educational seminar and dinner led by one of our board certified cardiologists. Each seminar includes a complimentary dinner and question and answer session at the end.

Seminar Topics 

March 18 - Women and Heart Disease: Class is full.

April 15 - Aortic Valve Disease

May 13 - Veins and Peripheral Artery Disease

June 17 - Atrial Fibrillation; What to Do?

July 15 - High BP, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and More

Aug. 19 - Heart Healthy Diet and Obesity

Sept. 16 - What Tests Should I Have and Why?

Sept. 30 - What is a Pacemaker and Defibrilator?

Oct. 21 - Living with Heart Failure

Nov. 18 - Avoiding a Heart Attack

Contact: Abby Bauer


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