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Stand Steady - Falls Prevention

One in three people over the age of 65 suffer an injury from falling. Henry Ford Wyandotte Physical Rehabilitation realized the importance of education to reduce your risk for falling and injury, so we created Stand Steady, our fall prevention program. Our goal is to help keep you safe.

Phase 1: Stand Steady Class

Entails one free, two-hour educational classes to learn about:

  • The impact of falls
  • How to keep yourself and your home safe
  • Simple exercises to do at home

Register online for Stand Steady, our fall prevention program. Once you complete the Stand Steady classes you can move on to phase two.

Phase 2

Includes three individual sessions of physical therapy* to:

  • Evaluate your balance and strength
  • Evaluate your ability to perform activities in a safe way

Phase 3 (if necessary)

Continued physical therapy* is available in our Balance Center.

*Physical therapy sessions require a doctor’s prescription. Physical therapy is covered by Medicare and most other insurances. Please call your insurance company prior to verify your coverage

Room: MPR-A

Contact: Kris Ellington

(734) 284-4499

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