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ExCITE: Exercise and Cancer Integrative Therapy and Education

Research continues to report the many benefits of structured exercise in patients with a history of cancer. Recently the American Cancer Society and the American College of Sports Medicine have released new exercise guidelines for cancer survivors. Regardless if you are still undergoing treatment or completed treatment years ago you can benefit from this free class given by the Director of the Excite program- Dr. Dennis Kerrigan, PhD, RCEP, FACSM.
During this 30 minute class you will hear about how exercise training can help you feel better (emotionally, physically, and mentally), what you need to know about COVID-19 and exercise, and how you can get a personalized exercise plan.

For more information about ExCITE, call 313-972-1919 or visit our webpage.

Contact: Ashli Betzer


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Click the "I want to attend" button next to the date you're registering for, and then complete the checkout process to sign up. No payment information is required since the class is free. 

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