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Henry Ford Health System

Every solution is as unique as the person we’re caring for.

As humans, we all share the same building blocks of life. But, each of us has our very own genetic fingerprint. A unique life story. A different journey. At Henry Ford Health System, we’re experts in the science of medicine, but also in the art of getting to know you. Knowing how we can best care for you helps us create a unique care experience crafted for just one person: you. It makes us better at getting you better and keeping you healthy. Because like you, there’s no one else like us.

Healthcare Designed for You
Healthcare should not be one-size-fits-all. That’s why we create unique treatments, all for you.
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Clinical Excellence: Around the country and across the globe, we’ve built a reputation for doing what’s right in healthcare. We’re known for our role in national healthcare quality programs, like the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Leadership Alliance. Our doctors have pioneered minimally invasive cancer surgery techniques that have now become standard of care around the world. We use technology to enhance our patients’ communication with their doctors and provide secure access to vital health information.

We are proud that our passion for clinical excellence wins accolades and awards. But our true reward is seeing how our commitment to pursuing the highest standard of care transforms the lives of our patients. 

Trailblazing Research and Innovation: Our researchers and physicians are conducting groundbreaking research, discovering new surgical techniques and pioneering new treatments. We’ve performed “first in the world” procedures that give new hope to heart patients who had been told that no more options existed for them. Our doctors map out unique cancer treatment plans tailored to a patient’s individual genetics and needs. Even seemingly simple innovations can have a big impact. We redesigned hospital gowns to provide more dignity and comfort to patients and now license them around the world. Those are the kind of small details that matter to you, so they matter to us.

One System. Many Convenient Ways to Get Care. We have locations across southeast Michigan with hours that work for you, and a number of care options that fit your needs and lifestyle. From same-day care clinics to online health tools to our nurse on-call line, we aim to provide you with a seamless experience, no matter how you reach us.

One system. Many points of access.

No matter where you are in southeast Michigan, you can access the expertise of Henry Ford Health System.

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