Tough Love

We were built to overcome adversity. But getting past this virus is going to take a new level of toughness. From masking up every day to not putting off crucial medical care to cancelling holiday plans—it’s going to take tough love to beat this thing.

Be Safe and Protect Others

Tough people say “I love you” through actions. So, for the love of community, let’s wear a mask, wash our hands and keep our distance. These actions will flatten the curve. And when we consider what’s at stake for us all, it’s something we must do for one another.

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Don’t Delay Care for Yourself

Now is not the time for our immune systems to be compromised by other serious illnesses or diseases. Stay at your best—and better protect your loved ones—by getting crucial exams, screenings and procedures now. We’re open, ready and safe—and available in person or online, anytime, through Video Visits on Demand.

Get Care Now

Our Medical Facilities Are Safe. Delaying Care Isn’t.

However you need us—even in the toughest of times—we’re here. In person or online.

Coronavirus Updates

See all the latest ways we’re responding to COVID-19 from temporary visitor restrictions to virtual care options and self assessments.

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Tips for Staying Healthy

Get advice on maintaining your physical and mental well-being through the pandemic.

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