RTOG 0539: Phase II Trial of Observation for Low-Risk Meningiomas and of Radiotherapy for Intermediate- and High-Risk Meningiomas

December 17, 2009
Cancer - Brain/ Meningioma
Principal Investigator: Eleanor M Walker, MD

The purpose of this study is to:

  • For patients with a newly diagnosed, low-grade meningioma: find out whether surgery alone results in a good outcome
  • For patients with a recurrent low-grade meningioma or a newly diagnosed higher-grade meningioma: find out what effects, good and/or bad, radiation therapy has on you and on your tumor

Participants must have a histologically documented WHO grade I, II, or III meningioma, newly diagnosed or recurrent, and of any resection extent; In cases of newly diagnosed or surgically treated recurrent meningioma, the operating neurosurgeon must provide a Simpson grade for the degree of resection; Must not have Extracranial meningioma, Multiple meningiomas, and Hemangiopericytoma.

Tiffany Pearce
(313) 916-1784