BTTC09-01: A Phase I-II Trial Everolimus and Sorafenib in Patients With Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas

Cancer - Brain
  1. Patients with histologically proven recurrent intracranial malignant glioma will be eligible for the phase I/II component of this protocol. Malignant glioma includes glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), Gliosarcoma (GS), anaplastic astrocytoma (AA), anaplastic oligodendroglioma (AO), anaplastic mixed oligoastrocytoma (AMO), or malignant astrocytoma NOS (not otherwise specified). Patients will be eligible if the original histology was low-grade glioma and a subsequent histological diagnosis of a malignant glioma is made.
  2. All patients must sign an informed consent indicating that they are aware of the investigational nature of this study. Patients must have signed an authorization for the release of their protected health information. Patients must be registered in the MDACC Office of Multicenter Clinical Research database prior to treatment with study drug.
Tiffany Pearce