CTSU/NCCTG N0577: Phase III Intergroup Study of Radiotherapy versus Temozolomide Alone versus Radiotherapy with Concomitant and Adjuvant Temozolomide for Patients with 1p/19q Codeleted Anaplastic Glioma

January 14, 2011
Cancer - Brain
Principal Investigator: Robert A Chapman, MD

The purpose of this study is to determine whether it is better for patients to receive concomitant temozolomide and RT followed by adjuvant temozolomide (Stupp regimen) over that observed in patients treated with RT alone.

Patients must be willing to submit tissue samples for mandatory central pathology review submission,and deletion status determination. It should be initiated as soon after surgery as possible; Histological confirmation of anaplastic glioma (oligodendroglioma, mixed, or astrocytoma [WHO grade III]), as determined by pre-registration central pathology review, and tumor is also co-deleted for 1p and 19q. NOTE: Mixed gliomas are eligible, regardless of the degree of astrocytic or oligodendrocytic predominance, as long as the tumor is also co-deleted for 1p and 19q.

Tiffany Pearce
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