Hospital Medicine Patient Services

Hospital medicine patient services

Henry Ford Hospitalist Medicine physicians are devoted to the medical care of hospital patients. Hospitalists are specially trained to treat a wide range of medical problems including critical care conditions such as heart attack and respiratory failure. Henry Ford hospitalists perform bedside procedures, such as intubation; provide medical consults for surgical and medical patients; and manage the daily medical care of patients in different types of hospital units.

Types of hospital units managed by Henry Ford hospitalists

  • General Medical Unit (also called the General Practice Unit): The general medical unit cares for patients suffering from an acute medical condition, such as pneumonia, or from a combination of medical issues such as diabetes and kidney problems.
  • Clinical Decision Unit (also called the Observation Unit): This type of unit cares for Emergency Room patients who need more time for diagnostic tests and treatment of medical problems. Medical observation allows the hospitalists to decide whether the patient is ready to go home within a day or requires hospital admission for more extensive treatment.
  • Cardiac Telemetry Unit: Cardiac telemetry specializes in taking care of patients on continuous heart monitoring for heart disease or as required during recovery after heart surgery.
  • Critical Care Progressive Care Unit: This type of unit serves as a transition for patients who are doing well enough to leave the intensive care unit but are not yet ready for the general medical unit.

Other types of medical care by Henry Ford hospitalists

  • Co-Management of Orthopedic Surgery Patients: Henry Ford hospitalists have teamed with Henry Ford Orthopedic Surgery to co-manage orthopedic surgery patients hospitalized at Henry Ford Hospital or Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. This allows the orthopedic surgeon to focus on caring for the patient's surgery-related issues and the hospitalist to focus on caring for the patient's medical issues. The result is high-quality patient care and improved recovery.
  • Palliative Medicine Consults: The Henry Ford Division of Hospitalist Medicine includes palliative medicine specialists for hospitalized patients with cancer pain, other types of disease-related pain, or for the comfort of hospice patients in the hospital.
  • Medical Consults: Henry Ford hospitalists are available 24/7 for medical consultation on any patient admitted to Henry Ford Hospital, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.
  • Bedside Procedures: Inpatient procedures performed by hospitalists at Henry Ford include placement of central lines and arterial lines, thoracentesis (removal of chest fluid), paracentesis (removal of abdominal fluid), intubation, lumbar puncture, and skin biopsies, among others.