Research Capacity Building

research pageThe Global Health Initiative (GHI) collaborates with academic institutions in resource-limited locations to strengthen research capacity including survey design, project implementation, abstract and manuscript preparation, and research grant writing.

Our innovative “Research Training to Research Project” model is at the center of this initiative. The model increases knowledge and infrastructure by combining traditional education with research projects. It begins with an intensive research workshop followed by the implementation of a corresponding research project. This approach allows participants to implement lessons learned by gathering data and participating in the dissemination of findings.

Featured projects

Haiti research workshop for medical students and community health workers (2014):

In collaboration with faculty at Université Quisqueya Faculté des Sciences de la Santé in Haiti, GHI hosted a three-day workshop on research ethics and methodologies for medical students, faculty, and community health workers. After this training, participants began conducting a healthcare utilization survey in four Internally Displaced Persons communities in Haiti.

Guatemala research workshop for medical students (2015):

GHI conducted a workshop for students and faculty at Universidad Francisco Marroquín on epidemiology and biostatistics. Research on antibiotic resistance is now underway.

Colombia community-based participatory research workshop (2015):

In Quibdó, Colombia, GHI organized a workshop that focused on health disparities and risks for hypertension. Students and faculty are now starting a research project, which involves collecting data on risks associated with hypertension.

Please email us for more information or if you are interested in contributing to our research capacity building efforts. We will be conducting similar workshops in Myanmar, Suriname, and Micronesia.