As You Consider Implementing LEAN and Making Change

When considering your road map to LEAN implementation, given your desire for change and modifying influences of situational support, staffing, resources, culture and effort, we have found it useful in the Henry Ford Production System to keep these observations by John P. Kotter in mind. In other words, one size may not fit all, even within the same department, and LEAN may need to be tailored based on circumstances./RZ

Observations about managerial behavior

Observation #1

When managers produce successful change of any significance in organizations, the effort is usually a time-consuming and highly complex eight-step process, never a one-two-three, hit-and-run affair. Managers who opportunistically skip steps or proceed in the wrong order rarely achieve their aspirations.

In the most successful change efforts, people move through eight complicate stages in which they (1) create a sense of urgency, (2) put together a strong enough team to direct the process, (3) create an appropriate vision, (4) communicate that new vision broadly, (5)empower employees to act on the vision, (6) produce sufficient short-term results to give their efforts credibility and to disempower the cynics, (7) build momentum and use that momentum to tackle the tougher change problems, and (8) anchor the new behavior in organizational culture.

From: On What Leaders Really Do- by John P. Kotter

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