Why Continuous Improvement and Change?

Its quite simple once you accept this as business strategy to remain competitive.

Henry Ford got it right almost 100 years ago:

"Our first motive...was to improve the manufacturing processes to increase the output and decrease the prices....There is nothing incompatible between quality and mass production."

"We know from the changes that have already been brought about that far greater changes are to come, and that therefore we are not performing a single operation as well as it ought to be performed."

"Our own attitude is that we are charged with discovering the best way of doing everything, and that we must regard every process employed in manufacturing as purely experimental. If we reach a stage in production which seems remarkable as compared with what has gone before, then that is just a stage of production and nothing more."

As leaders and managers, to view the workplace otherwise is missing the mark. For in the words of Deming -

"Survival is not compulsory."

Or as General Eric Shinseki more bluntly put it-

"if you don't like change, you will like irrelevance even less."

I have empowered you with the quality and change structure, education, rules and tools skill sets for you as leaders to live this philosophy while engaging your staff in your work lives here at HFHS. You are doing great things! It will pay dividends that may not be obvious immediately, but the totality of what you are creating and our culture is very powerful. Now excuse me as I return to 5S-ing my office.