Deming's 1st Point

Last week I spoke of moving from Quality as a desirable outcome to Quality as a competitive strategy.

This week's message is an orientation around Dr. Deming's first of 14 points for management.

Goal #1: Create constancy of purpose towards improving work product and service levels. This is the basis of continual improvement. This enables us to be competitive in a very tough healthcare market where patients and reimbursements are declining. This allows us to stay in business and to provide jobs. Think successful integration and our new lab outreach business.

This constancy of purpose is focused on the customer. Who are your customers? Internal as well as external? What do they want? What specifically are their needs and expectations? How well are you serving them? Are you just meeting minimum expectations or thrilling them?

This next part each of you owns in your area of expertise, knowing what to do. That requires constant attention to refining what you do to be better, continually. For that you need measures of how well you are performing.

Constancy of purpose requires leaders to address:
  • policy
  • core values
  • long term strategic course

"Doing your best is not good enough. You have to know what to do. Then do your best." - W. Edwards Deming