What's Chrysler Got to Offer Us?

An awful lot of talent, experience and fresh eyes to assist us in problem solving and advancing our quality agenda here in the Henry Ford Health System.

"We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's dam is the history we make today." -Henry Ford

And we are making history. Through the tireless leadership of Rita D'Angelo, director of Pathology's newly formed Quality Systems Division and the successful LEAN quality initiative of the Henry Ford Production System, we have offered a healthcare quality retraining program for engineers from the autos. To date, 2 former Chrysler engineers, Yad Sidhu and Don Lubensky, have completed 480 hour internships and contributed to many successful initiatives here and at West Bloomfield hospital. We celebrated their "graduation" just last week. A current GM engineer, Bill Kresnick, is currently serving in the program and performing a thorough gap analysis of current operations for our pursuit of the new healthcare ISO 15189 certification.

All contributed to the 2 day June LEAN Quality Training Course at Henry Ford Hospital that had 80 participants from not only HFHS laboratories but also from hospital lab operations at Johns Hopkins, Montreal, New York and Peru. This recently reformatted training course applies not just to laboratories where it began 4 years ago, but to all healthcare, both in-patient and outpatient settings. The last class had participants from Behavioral Health, Henry Ford Hospital surgery, West Bloomfield cardiology, HFMG dermatology and even kitchen staff. These 2 day LEAN training sessions are available to all HFHS members.

I am very pleased to announce that Yad, who holds a masters in mechanical engineering from WSU and a masters in business administration from MSU, has now joined the pathology staff as a quality improvement specialist. His expertise and presence will allow us to share the support of quality facilitators in Macomb and Wyandotte Hospitals as we extend Lean management through the expanded laboratory service-line. We are also very proud that Don Lubensky, an electrical engineer with a masters in industrial and systems engineering from Oakland University, has just joined Dr. Coffey and his Henry Ford Production System LEAN trained enthusiastic team as a quality consultant for Kingswood and Maplegrove Hospitals.

So what's the purpose?

Deming's point number 13 for management is- "Institute a rigorous program of education and training for everyone."

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