Anytime You Encounter a Defect

It's likely a deviation from or lacking a standard:

  • Work
  • Connection
  • Pathway

Use this mindset to collecting data on your process (here we are talking about the call center defects), plotting it daily to understand that unit's work. The defects the make and the ones the receive. Plan for staffing using that data and plan for sharing that knowledge with the workers in that unit, for communication and correction of defects by stakeholders, and worker involvement in the work redesign. Consider using the tools of improvement from Toyota.

  • Minimizing Variation
  • Know performance expectations from your system of work
  • Expect regularly collected measures of key work performance in each work cell, leader and worker driven
  • Make performance deviations visible, blameless, daily
  • Understand magnitude and causes of that variation
  • Survey internal and external customers-suppliers for sources defects (dissatisfaction)
  • Use whiteboards in workplace to identify daily defects
    • Lack of, or deviation from standard work
    • Lack of, or deviation from standard connection
    • Lack of, or deviation from standard pathway
    • 7 types of waste that can be redesigned OUT

Now you're a Lean manager. Actually Deming.

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