Developing People

"People development takes 10 times longer than process improvement." -Jeffrey Liker

Rather than fix problems yourself as the appointed leader or manager, develop your workers in functional teams by workstation along the path of workflow (value stream) to assist you in problem solving using the 4 Rules of Work. (see below)

Why take the time to allow them to do this when you could slam a fix that day yourself?

Because your investment in people creates sustained change through an educated, invested, accountable and engaged workforce. True Lean isn't quick, but Lean management creates a culture with the expectation of continuous improvement at the level of the work that leave competitors behind eventually because of the hundreds of small changes that occur in response to workplace challenges. In this manner process stability is achieved, one step at a time. This is living out the fable of the tortoise versus the hare. Sometimes you just need to slow down to speed up.

4 rules sept1

As a concrete example of the payoff from leaders' investments in people, the one Pathology division that processes specimens for 4 of 6 HFHS hospitals and has worked under Lean management the longest, over 4 years now, has shown the most dramatic improvement in Gallup Q12 scores comparing 2008 to 2010. Both the Overall GrandMean workgroup engagement and the Overall Employee Satisfaction scores of this work team are above the 75th percentile for healthcare, as shown by the red stars below.

Gallup 08 10 sept1

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