Chairman's 2010 Quality Awards

It has taken until now to create a final tally of the many, many process improvements accomplished in 2010 by the workforce of 785 strong across the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Line of the Henry Ford Health System.

That final number is an incredible 1392 process improvement changes which attest to the successful culture of continuous process improvement fueled largely by worker empowerment, now in its 6th year at its most mature levels in some laboratories.

The rate of change compared to what we thought was incredible already in 2009 is just amazing. In 2010, the laboratories at Henry Ford Hospital alone demonstrated an 110% increase in meaningful improvements accomplished compared to 2009.

Total Process Jan192011 Pathology Words

The Henry Ford Hospital laboratories that have practice Lean management the longest are now evolving to the 3rd level of Lean deployment described by Dr. Jeffrey Liker, beyond level 1 (applying and teaching tools with 'expert' driven event based 'kaizen' improvements) and level 2 (middle management led Lean improvements).

Many of you are at the level 3 of aligned continuous improvement with a top to bottom Lean improvement culture featuring:

  • Activity aligned with business goals from hoshin kanri strategic planning;
  • Continuous activities from involved and accountable teams and individuals;
  • Local ownership by team members and leaders; and
  • Readily identified evidence of lean thinking in teams and work groups

The lesson here is that it takes commitment, a management system with structure, continued effort by all and time to become a Lean enterprise.

Because our Lean management system within the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Line now extends from the more experienced to the neophytes, the nature of award recognition must also expand.

It would be easy to say that you are all winners, and you all are to me. However, there are some notable role models amongst you that I would like to identify as having created best efforts and practices.

The Chairman's Quality Awards for 2010 go to:

Award for Winning Henry Ford Hospital System 2010 Quality Expo

Quality Systems and Hematopathology Divisions

"Patient Focus: Turn Around Time Improvement for Lymph Node Biopsy Work-up for Lymphoma", R D'Angelo, R Varney, R Zarbo MD, C Martin, K Inamdar MD, A Smith, I Goralski, J Pimentel MD, G Sharma MD, C Neuman, C Shepherd, N Main, O Kryvenko MD, J Sajewski, R Benitez

Award for Project Selected for Henry Ford Hospital System 2010 Quality Expo Competition

Transfusion Medicine Division

"When Minutes Count: Blood Component Management for Massive Transfusion Patients Due to Injury", Deborah Dondzila, Gary Pawlak, Ileana Lopez-Plaza MD, Lynda Harvey, Connie Tindall, Karen Gizzi, Martha Henderson, Salika Whitfield, MaryAnn Max, Mary Taylor, Pamela Legros, Justin Reuter, Jerry Ammons, Donna Brown, Kenneth Dundas, Holly Wilson, Karis Smart, Diriest Crowell-Buffington, Linda Villeneuve, Jeffrey Rutland, Cara Seguin

Award for the Most Process Improvements in One Year

Pathology Informatics Division

Award for Establishment of Most Successful New System-wide Division Lean Culture

Transfusion Medicine Division

Awards for Largest Impact of Improvement on Efficiency

Molecular Pathology and Genomic Medicine Division

"Using Lean principles to optimize efficiency in Molecular Pathology", Dhananjay Chitale MD, Milena Cankovic PhD, Lisa Whitely, Joanne Behr

Clinical Chemistry Division, Core/Stat and Laboratory Support Services

"Out of the Batch with the Xpand", Luminita Stezar, Hamid Zand, Debbie Swiderski, Terri Jakubek, Mardi William-Smith, Lori Mehlberg, Debbie Colinwood, Bill Beher, John Zajechowski, Carolyn Feldkamp PhD and Veronica Luzzi PhD

Awards for Best Involvement of Multidisciplinary Clinical Teams

Microbiology Division with HFH Infection Control, Infectious Diseases, Nursing and Pharmacy

"Implementation of Henry Ford Production System LEAN Principles to develop a better C. difficile testing algorithm", M Czostkowski,R Kirsch, O Kryvenko MD, R Hensley, G Russell, L Samuel PhD, and R Tibbetts PhD

HFH Point of Care Testing and Chemistry Divisions with HFH Department of Nursing and Nursing Education for

"Identifying Patients with High Bilirubin Concentration to Provide Guidance on Accurate Glucose Testing", M. Ayotte, R. Kushlak, C. Sumeghy, C. Fascetti, F. Meier MD, J. Zajechowski, C. Feldkamp PhD, and V. Luzzi PhD

Chemistry Division and Core-Stat Lab and Laboratory Support Services with HFH Dept of Emergency Medicine for

"Improving Emergency Department Patient Care by Decreasing Cardiac Troponin Results Turn-Around-Time", V. Luzzi PhD, J. Zajechowski, E. Herberholz, J. Farrer, L. Vergilio-Panek, D. Smith, R. Benitez, and J. Carey MD

Anatomic Pathology Division with HFH Operating Room Services and Dept of Surgery

"Enhancing Patient Safety Through Multi-Departmental Specimen Handoff Standardization", R Zarbo MD, R D'Angelo, F Torres MD, R Varney, D Lubensky, J Gauvin, O Kryvenko MD, N Main, M Lucier, B Gagnier, C Arabejo, J Marr, J Adams, O Alassi MD, G Gnam, S Dulchavsky MD

Award for Best Use of Metrics

Chemistry Division and Core/Stat Laboratory

Award for Best New Effort in Challenging Situation

Henry Ford Macomb Clinton Township Laboratory

Award for Most Successful New Hospital Laboratory Lean Culture

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Laboratory

You have accomplished this unique transformation of a true working culture right here in Detroit, one of the most challenged cities ever in this nation's history aside from the Dodge City of yesteryear. Here in this highly competitive environment you have achieved world-class status and recognition.

The Dodge name reminds me of another tough competitor, Chrysler Group LLC. I want to share with you an inspirational YouTube video from this year's Super Bowl that may remind you of our own mission and ethic as we continually strive to work and do better tomorrow what we already do very well today for the citizens of this proud city.

Several soundbites in this video entitled Imported from Detroit remind me of our challenges and how we overcome them daily, together, as empowered teams solving problems. These are very memorable quotes-

"This is the Motor City and this is what we do." "It's the hottest fires that make the hardest steel."

And so it is for us here at Henry Ford Health System. This is what we do in one of the most difficult environments in healthcare.

You are writing the script for Lean managed laboratories world-wide. Perhaps you too will be in a movie someday.

Enjoy the clip, it's a good one.

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