Henry Ford Choice

The Henry Ford Physician Network (HFPN) has nearly 2,000 primary care physicians and specialists practicing at multiple locations throughout the Metro Detroit area. Our members are comprised of physicians in the Henry Ford Medical Group and Henry Ford employed physicians along with select private practice physicians. All members of the HFPN must meet rigorous standards to maintain their inclusion in the Network.

The HFPN offers patients exceptional care from some of the world’s most renowned experts in their respective fields of medicine, usually within mere miles of their home. This large network of providers is now available to individuals who need to purchase health care on the private exchange during open enrollment or after a life-changing event. These options are available through Health Alliance Plan (HAP).

The Henry Ford Choice offers many options with various levels of premiums based on deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and other coverage differences to fit any need or situation. Details of each Henry Ford Choice offering can be found by going to the following individual coverage page on the HAP website. Please look for the HAP Henry Ford Choice Network details.


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