Measure Up/Pressure Down

Measure up/pressure down participation

One of the options in the Professionalism Metric category for your participation in the Henry Ford Physician Network for 2015 involves Measure Up/Pressure Down. This educational opportunity is available through the Henry Ford University.

There are currently two tutorials posted on the University that address this important subject. They are:

  • Correct Steps in Blood Pressure Measurement — a six-minute video followed by a short quiz
  • Measure Up Pressure Down Blood Pressure Monitoring (posted in 2013) — a lengthier document, also with a short quiz

If you or one member of your staff completes either of these online tutorials and the short test that follows, your practice will satisfy two of the four available activities in the Professionalism Metric for 2015. This would fully satisfy your requirements for this Professionalism Metric.

To gain the full benefit of this content, you are encouraged to request that members of your staff who take blood pressure measurements view this important educational tool. This will offer immediate benefits to of all of your patients.

If you have any questions regarding these tutorials or the 2015 Incentive Metrics, please email


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