HFPN Joint Operating Committee and Subcommittees

The HFPN Joint Operating Committee meets every other month. There are several subcommittees within the HFPN that meet on a regular basis, usually quarterly. Here are the committees and their members:

Executive Committee
Adnan Munkarah, MD – Chair of HFPN Board of Trustees
Gary Hollander, DO – HFPN Board of Trustee Member representing non-HFMG physician organizations
Diane George, DO – HFPN Board of Trustee Member representing HFMG physician organization

Finance & Contracting
James Martin, DO (Chair) – GMPN
Usamah Mossallam, MD (Vice-Chair) – HFMG
Ghazwan Atto, MD – Independent
Manu Malhotra, MD – HFMG
Diane George, DO – HFMG
Bruce Muma, MD – HFMG

Clinical Integration
Jerome Finkel, MD (Chair) – HFMG
Joyce Leon, MD (Vice-Chair) – HFMG
Donald Muir, MD – GMPN
Jalal Thwainey, MD – Independent
Christopher Youngman, MD – OSP
David Willens, MD – HFMG

Nominating and Membership
Gary Hollander, DO (Chair) – OSP
Steven Fried, MD (Vice-Chair) – HFMG
Ronald Barnett, DO – Independent
Adnan Munkarah, MD – HFMG
Tisa M. Hooper-Johnson, MD – HFMG
Renny Abraham, MD – OPNS

If you have an inquiry that pertains to any of these committees, please email the HFPN and your message will be forwarded to the correct person.


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