Clinical Support Programs


In today’s health care industry, variations in clinical decision-making can significantly impact patient safety and contribute to inefficient delivery systems. The result is higher health care costs and dissatisfied patients.

Our clinical support programs offer a solution to this problem. The programs are proactive and designed to enhance our physicians' ability to support patient-centered and clinically integrated care.

Clinical support programs at Henry Ford Physician Network

Our support programs are targeted clinical interventions that promote and maintain health and prevent complications. They are a key part of our model for higher-quality care and lower costs. Our support programs utilize:

  • Evidence-based medicine: Applying clinical best practices backed up by the latest research ensures higher quality and better outcomes
  • Performance measurement tools: Collecting data on patients before and after enrollment in our programs helps us analyze processes and track outcomes
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs): Integrating the latest technology through EMR solutions allows all physicians in our system to access patients’ health history and track their progress
  • Automatic enrollment for high-risk patients: Making sure patients receive the support and guidance they need reduces adverse drug reactions and hospital readmissions

Clinical Support Programs are available to HFPN-affiliated patients through Henry Ford Health System at no charge to our physicians.

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Benefits of clinical support programs

Our clinical support programs offer a number of advantages to patients and physicians in a number of ways. Benefits include:

  • More cost-effective health care
  • Fewer medical errors, adverse drug reactions and hospital readmissions
  • Improved management of chronic disease, such as diabetes
  • Clinical support for physicians
  • Better educated patients, through classes and one-on-one support
  • Informed decision making
  • Consistent care for all patients
  • Higher patient and provider satisfaction

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