EPIC Improves Your Connection

The HFPN actively promotes the use of the Epic electronic medical records (EMR) system, and offers a 58% discount for each license purchased. It is a crucial step toward offering a connected care environment to patients … and to maintain your status as being an HFPN member in good standing.

An additional benefit to implementing a system such as Epic is that ICD-10 changes are already incorporated into it. This is the case for most EMRs but not all.

Ali Shakir, MD, a private practice physician who is also the Medical Director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Services department at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, has been using Epic for an extended period and has strong opinions about the EMR. He also has experience working with the Henry Ford Community Connect team that handles its installation, training and maintenance of the software.

Read what Dr. Shakir had to say about Epic:

Q. How long have you been using Epic?
A. “We have been using Epic in our office for almost two years. We were one of the first of the specialty groups to use this as our EMR.”

Q. What was the primary reason for purchasing Epic?
A. “We needed to install an upgrade of our first EMR, so we decided to switch to Epic instead. Epic is a powerful EMR that was being adopted nationally, which is why we choose to make the transition. Also, a significant portion of our group’s practice is at Henry Ford Macomb and the connection between the hospital and outpatient was key.”

Q. How has Epic benefited your practice?
A. “The biggest benefit of Epic has been the connection between the outpatient and inpatient practice. The ease of following records for our own patients from any admission to what is going on at the outpatient level. Another benefit is the ease of communication between physicians taking care of the same patients. Finally, we have been able to grow our practice due to the ease of communication between others using Epic.”

Q. What are the challenges of Epic?
A. “The transition to any EMR is challenging and requires changes to the routine of outpatient practice. It can take as long as six months. However, once we were fully integrated, the Epic EMR became a very useful tool to our practice. The Henry Ford Community Connect team was very responsive to our practice’s needs. I would recommend making the transition to EPIC as the field of medicine is requiring transition to EMR. Epic provides those needs in close connection with our hospital.

Additional information: ICD-10 is incorporated into Epic and most other EMRs. This is another reason to take steps to install a quality EMR system into your practice. To learn more about the benefits of Epic and obtaining it at the HFPN discounted rate, you can contact the HFPN Community Connect team — which is responsible for installing Epic for our members — by sending an email to CommunityConnect@hfhs.org.


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