Resident Testimonials

The General Surgery Program at Henry Ford Allegiance Health is a community-style program that encompasses an array of bread-and-butter general surgery cases with high volume thoracic, vascular and plastic surgery. I not only chose this program for its diverse pathology and case load but most importantly for the people who make up the program. Excelling in residency is dependent on a good support system. This program has a strong-knit of residents who become your new and extended family, willing to fight for you and help you inside and outside the hospital. It is this aspect of the program that continues to remind me why I made the right choice in my General Surgery residency. - Bryan Bennett

I chose Henry Ford Allegiance because of the family and comradery I felt at my interview dinner/day. I knew if I was going to be far from home, these are the people I want to be my second family. These people will challenge and support you to become a good surgeon and a good doctor; they will always be there to lift you up on days you feel knocked down. And I love the amount of OR time I get, even as an intern. - Kelsey Peters

"Home" would be the one word I would use to describe Henry Ford Allegiance Health. My interview was natural, enticing, impressive and enlightening. The staff is enthusiastic and interested in medical education. A growing hospital with sufficient pathology to make a well rounded general surgeon. Henry Ford Allegiance Health was my number one choice and I have never questioned that decision, even on my hardest days. - Chase Stauffer

I chose Allegiance because of the leadership and the residents. Dr. Pfeifer's leadership and organization are unparalleled. He genuinely values the progress and maturation of his residents and desires to see you grow into a confident surgeon with an exceptional skill set. The residents are a diverse group, down to earth, all compassionate and altruistic. The seniors surgical skills in the operating room were superb and the patient care they provided on the floor was outstanding. As a student, I was treated as a member of the team and made meaningful contributions. I knew this was a unique environment and I am happy I made the choice. - Evan Rey

Deciding to do my residency at Henry Ford Allegiance was a life-changing decision, and one that I will never regret. I have felt like family since my interview, and the comradery pervades throughout the years. Additionally, the educational experience is robust and the benefits of exposure to a wide variety of pathologies is evident, especially when rotating at outside facilities. I received heavy surgical exposure early on, and now, as a current 4th year, I feel utmost prepared for any post-graduate route I may take, including fellowship. Residency is hard, regardless of the institution, but it is certainly a lot more tolerable when you're surrounded by an incredible group of people in a place you can now call "home." - Meghan Czajka

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