Didactic Topics

Resident seminars, grand rounds, and journal clubs.

Mental Health Assessment in Cross-Cultural Settings Introduction to PTSD  Introduction to Interviewing/MSE  
Introduction to Positive Psychiatry  Introduction to Professionalism In Psychiatry I  Introduction to DSM/Psychopathology
Relationship and Sexual Violence Training - MSU/Allegiance  Introduction to Anxiety Disorders  Introduction to Child Anxiety Disorders
Introduction to Child Development  Introduction to Dissociative Disorders  Introduction to Geriatric Psychiatry
Introduction to Interesting Clinical Cases  Introduction to Mood Disorders  Introduction to Antidepressants
Introduction to Sleepers/Benzodiazepines  Interesting Clinical Cases  Introduction to Psychotherapy
Introduction to Epidemiology Methods  Introduction to Systematic Desensitization  Introduction to ECT
Introduction to Mood Stabilizers  Introduction to Personality Disorders  Typical & Atypical Antipsychotics
Introduction to Psychotic Disorders (Schizophrenia)  Introduction to Catatonia  Introduction to Child Psychiatry
Introduction to Eating Disorders  Introduction to Cultural Psychiatry  History of Psychiatry
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Brief Therapy (immediately following completion of CBT)  Behavior Therapy (immediately following completion of Brief) 
Drugs and Pregnancy Neuropsychology Nuts & Bolts of Outpatient Clinic 
Outpatient Clinic Orientation Introduction to PBAs Professionalism - Career Development, CV's II  
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry II Beyond the Basics of Interviewing  Child Psychiatry II 
Ego & Self Psychology Ethics Series  The Psychological Impact of Early Trauma 
Sleep Disorders Psychopharmacology II  Addictions 
Advanced Interviewing Challenge II Psychosomatic Medicine  RCPD Academic Accommodations/ADA 
Research Temperament  ADHD Symptoms and Medications 
Biological Psychiatry Consultation & Liaison  Personality & Psychotherapy
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Part 1 Psychopharmacology: Ethnic Differences  Treatment of Personality Disorders- Psychodynamic 
Forensic Psychiatry Series (Forensic Evaluation; Criminal Responsibility) Professionalism - Career Opportunities III   Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Part 2
Short-Term Therapy - Psychodynamic Neurology Series:
{Stroke, Movement D/O, Dementias - biannually even years}
{EEG & Seizure D/O - annually}  
Forensic Psychiatry Series (Board Review; Forensic Legal Issues) College Mental Health Series (Same Week Clinic; Risk Assessment)  Evolutionary Psychiatry 
Group Therapy Couples Therapy  Medical Billing & Collecting 
Health Policy Michigan State Police Series  Child Exploitation  
Psychodynamic Assessment - Case Prep Sexual Dysfunction  Sexual Ethics 
Advanced Psychopharmacology in Community Mental Health Environments Chronic Pain  Couples Therapy (Advanced) 
Development: Adults & Aging Series Employment Contracting  Geriatric Psychiatry Series (Depression, Dementia) 
Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) Medical Malpractice & Licensing Series
(Medical Malpractice; Confidentiality & Privilege; Mock Deposition; Expert Witness)
Somatic Disorders - Pain, Treatment, OMM, NMS Transitioning into Practice  Hospice Care Series 
Advanced Child & Adolescent Development Child & Adolescent PDD  Financial Planning Series 
Financial Planning Professionalism - Interviewing & Job Search  Psycho Ed. Testing 
Reading and Interpreting Psycho-Ed Reports Communicating with Schools  Neurology Series
{Stroke, Movement D/O, Dementias - biannually even years}
{EEG & Seizure D/O - annually}  
Adolescent Development Child & Adolescent ADHD  Child & Adolescent Intellectual Disabilities 
Child & Adolescent Mood Disorders Eating Disorders in Children & Adolescents  Play Therapy 
Case D.G. Drug Use in Children and Adolescents  CQI's 
Board Review Child & Adolescent Anxiety Disorders  Child & Adolescent ODD Conduct 
Child & Adolescent Treatment of Aggression DBT  Family Therapy Interventions 
Child & Adolescent Family Therapy Series
Personality Disorders in Adolescents   Child and Adolescent ODD 
Gender Identity Child Medication & Therapy  Late Life Cross Cultural Issues 
All Residents
Research Poster Series - approximately 7 hours Movie Club - 2-4x's/year  Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Workshop for DOs only
(Annual workshop required for all DO resident physicians; SCS sponsored and planned) 
Annual Special One-Day Conferences sponsored by Statewide Campus System (Conference themes vary annual; SCS sponsored) Grand Rounds, monthly  Journal Club, monthly 
Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (734) 246-8004.

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