Program Rotations

The four-year general psychiatry residency includes training in both adult and child psychiatry.

PGY1: Residents will complete 13 blocks in the first year, as follows:

  • Four blocks of primary care medicine
  • Two blocks of neurology
  • One block of substance abuse
  • Six blocks of inpatient psychiatry

PGY2: Residents will complete one half-day per week in outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry as well as the below 13 blocks of additional training:

  • Two blocks of substance abuse
  • Two blocks of geriatrics
  • Four blocks of consult liaison
  • Five blocks of inpatient psychiatry

PGY3: Residents will complete a full 13 blocks of continuous outpatient psychiatry rotations, including:

  • Resident continuity clinic
  • Psychotherapy
  • Primary care clinics
  • Mental health clinics
  • Additional clinics, to be arranged

PGY4: The PGY4 year will be an elective and supervisory year. PGY4 residents will complete the 13 listed rotations:

  • Two blocks of consult liaison
  • Two blocks of emergency services
  • Four blocks of electives
  • Five blocks of inpatient psychiatry

During these rotations, PGY4 residents will function as much as possible as a “junior attending,” in order to prepare them for that role after residency. The senior resident will work with the program director, and other core faculty and/or mentors, to generate goals for elective rotations that align with the resident’s interests and plans.

Examples of elective rotations include (but are not limited to) forensic psychiatry, “resident as teacher,” telepsychiatry, administrative psychiatry, sleep psychiatry and advanced psychopharmacology.

PGY1 Year
1 Rotation 2 Rotations 4 Rotations 6 Rotations
Substance Abuse
Neurology Primary Care
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
PGY2 Year
2 Rotation 2 Rotations 4 Rotations 5 Rotations
Substance Abuse
Geriatrics Psychiatry
Consultation/Liasion EM
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
PGY3 Year
13 Rotation
Outpatient Psychiatry
PGY4 Year
2 Rotation 2 Rotations 4 Rotations 5 Rotations
Consultation/Liason Emergency Services Electives Adult Inpatient Psychiatry