Medical Education Policies

Henry Ford Health System administration

Policy Number Policy Name/Title
001 Policy Development Review Approval
002 Medical Education Program Emergency Preparedness: Disasters and Extreme Emergent Situations
003 Unpaid Research Internship Program

System-wide policies

Policy Number Policy Name/Title
101 Clerkship Rotations
Injuries While on Clerkship Rotations
120 Medical Students use of Electronic Medical Records
130 Undergraduate Medical Education Research Support
201 Accommodations for Disabilities (HR System-Wide Policy)
202 Attendance (HR System-Wide Policy)
203 Patient Handoffs & Transitions of Care
204 Compensation, Benefits, Professional Development Funds & Travel
205 Criminal Background Checks (HR System-Wide Policy)
206 Equal Employment Opportunity (HR System-Wide Policy)
207 Employee Health Screenings, For Cause Testing & Fitness for Duty Examinations (HR System-Wide Policy)
208 Grievances & Due Process
209 Harassment (HR System-Wide Policy)

Leaves of Absence

Henry Ford Health System Leave of Absence Policy

211 Medical Licensure
212 Health Professional Licensing and Disciplinary Reform Act (HR System-Wide Policy)
213 Performance Improvement
214 Promotions
215 Records, Content, Access & Retention
216 Resident Transfers
217 Eligibility & Selection
218 Curriculum &  Evaluations
219 Closures & Reductions
220 Moonlighting, Extra Shifts & Paid Call
221 Paid Time Off (Vacation)
222 Workplace Violence *HR System-Wide Policy
223 Outside Rotations
224 Visiting House Officers
225 Social Media & Email
* HR System-Wide Social Media Policy
* HR System-Wide Electronic Business Communication Policy
* HR System-Wide Email Policy
Affiliation Agreements
227 Non-Competition Policy
ACGME Correspondence
Clinical and Educational Work Hours and Fatigue
Supervision and Accountability
HFHS Schedules
House Officer Health Wellness
Crisis Response
Annual Institutional Review
Annual Program Evaluations
ACGME Accredited Program Reviews
Observership or Shadowing Experiences

Henry Ford Hospital (Allopathic) program policies

Policy Number Policy Name/Title
304 Graduate Medical Education Committee
307 GME Research Support
309 Non-ACGME-Accredited Fellowship Programs
310 Educational Incentives
314 Undergraduate Medical Education Committee

Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital (Osteopathic & Podiatric) program policies

Policy Number Policy Name/Title
412 Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Graduate Medical Education Research Support
413 Henry Ford Macomb Hospital Graduate Medical Education Research Support