Acute Care Rehabilitation Services

The Henry Ford Hospital acute care rehabilitation department consists of physical and occupational therapists, assistants, and techs, who work closely together, delivering individualized treatment to patients. Intervention is provided on all general and intensive care units (ICUs). Therapy in the ICUs follows the Early Rehab program, treating patients 6 days a week. The department is broken into four teams:

Medicine/Surgery: Evaluation and treatment of individuals with multiple medical diagnoses which limit functional ability. Includes management of vascular surgery, liver, kidney, and visceral transplant patients, all types of oncology patients, bariatric, trauma and specialty surgery, renal and medical management, and many other types of diagnoses.

Cardio-pulmonary: Cardiovascular Rehabilitation involves individual patient education and progressive activity for medical and surgical cardiac patients in a Phase I conditioning protocol. Diagnoses and procedures involved include: LVAD, CABG, MVR, AVR, TAVR, CHF, COPD, heart and lung transplants.

Neuroscience: Management for a wide variety of neurological disorders of adults and children including: Cerebral Vascular Accidents, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barre and Parkinson’s Disease as well as various Neurosurgery patients. Opportunity to participate in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Clinic.

Orthopedics: Evaluation and treatment of orthopedic diagnoses including joint replacements, spinal dysfunction, and orthopedic trauma. Exercise, mobility, and patient education are emphasized.

Early Rehab in the ICU: Evaluation and treatment of critically ill patients in the intensive care units.

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