Combined EM/IM and Critical Care Schedule

This six-year program in EM/IM/CCM provides 27 months of Emergency Medicine, 27 months of Internal Medicine and 18 months of Critical Care training. Of these, four months are dedicated to research activities. The first four years of training are focused in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, and the curriculum is identical to that of the EM/IM Program. The final two years emphasize Critical Care Medicine where the resident functions as a fellow in the intensive care and burn units. The resident works with intensivists and supervises resident physicians rotating in the units.

Within each year months are staggered between departments so residents are not away from one department for a significant period of time.

PGY Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Critical Care Medicine
1 Emergency Medicine
Anesthesia (Adult and Peds)
Pediatric EM at CHM
EM Didactics Month
IM Ward
IM Ward (Nephro)
IM Ward (ID)
IM Ward (Heme/Onc)
IM Ward (Pulm)
IM elective
Surgical ICU
2 EM: Adult and Peds (5 months)
IM Ward Supervisor (2 months)
Cardiac ICU
Medical ICU
3 EM: Adult and Peds (5 months)
IM Ward Supervisor (2 months)
IM Elective (3 months)
IM Consult Service

ICU selective

4 EM: Adult and Peds (2 months)
Pediatric ICU
Plastic Surgery
IM Ward Supervisor (2 months)
IM Elective (2 months)
DEM / Medical Consult
Cardiac ICU
5 EM: Adult and Peds (2 months)
EM Elective
IM Elective (2 months)
IM Ward Junior Staff
Medical ICU (3 months)
Surgical ICU (2 months)
6 EM: Adult and Peds (2 months) 
Pediatric Selective
IM Ward Junior Staff
IM Elective
Medical ICU (3 months)
Cardiovascular ICU
Neuro ICU
Surgical ICU or Burn ICU
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