Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine/Critical Care Medicine Residency

Critical Care has been defined as the delivery of medical care to "any patient who is physiologically unstable, requiring constant and minute-to-minute titration of therapy according to the evolution of the disease process." It has not defined by location but actually spans the continuum of care from the prehospital setting through the ED and in to the ICU.

In the United States and worldwide, there has been a steady increase in the number of critically ill patients presenting to the Emergency Department, and these patients are spending longer times in the ED while competing for scarce ICU beds. With the advent of early goal directed therapy, it has become ever more important to manage patients aggressively from the moment of initial contact. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the notion that early, aggressive management of patients with a variety of life-threatening diagnoses leads to sustained mortality benefits.

In 1999, the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Board of Internal Medicine approved the creation of a residency which leads to full qualification for board certification in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine (EM/IM/CCM). Henry Ford began offering the program in 2003. Our first graduate from this newly-created track completed the program in 2005 as is board certified in Emergency Medicine (ABEM), Internal Medicine and Critical Care (ABIM). Our graduates are currently pursuing academic careers in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine, helping lay the foundation of research and development of the field of Emergency Medicine Critical Care.

The objective of this unique six-year combined training program is to prepare physicians for practice in academic careers addressing the spectrum of illnesses and injuries from emergency department presentation until discharge. Graduates will likely function as academic intensivists or emergency physicians with a strong background in research.

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EM/IM/CC Schedule
EM/IM Combined Residency Program

Program leadership

Nikhil Goyal, M.D.
EM/IM Residency Director

Taher Vohra, M.D.
Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Sean Drake, M.D.
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program

Geneva Tatem, M.D.
Program Director, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship


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