Emergency Medicine & Internal Medicine Program Schedule

The Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine resident is considered a resident in both ACGME-accredited Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine programs. The resident participates in the clinical and didactic educational activities of both departments.

The first year differs somewhat from the three-year categorical EM program. There are three additional months on the Internal Medicine service and only one surgical month spent in the SICU. The second year provides increased clinical responsibility and autonomy on both the Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine services. Included in this year are two supervisory months on the Internal Medicine service. Internal Medicine elective time is also available. The third year EM/IM resident experiences increased supervisory and clinical responsibilities. During this year, residents assume leadership roles in medical and trauma resuscitations in the Emergency Department. Three months of Internal Medicine elective time are available.

The fourth and fifth years offer more flexibility in both Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. Supervisory, teaching and research responsibilities continue to expand. There is additional experience in the intensive care units, pediatrics and elective choices. The DEM/Medical Consult month is unique to the Combined Program. During this month, the combined resident is responsible for the supervision of Internal Medicine residents during their Emergency Medicine rotation in the units. Similarly, the residents assume junior staff responsibilities on the Internal Medicine floors and will be responsible for academic leadership of their assigned teams.

An Internal Medicine continuity clinic is scheduled during the first four years. Residents will work with a preceptor to learn the subtleties of outpatient medicine and primary care.

Block Schedule

Here is an outline of the distribution of rotations across the five years. Within a year, the EM and IM months are staggered so as to not have the resident away from one department for a significant period of time.

Year Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine
EMIM-1 General IM Floor
Heme/Onc Floor
Pulmonary Floor
Infectious Diseases Floor
Nephrology Floor
IM elective
Anesthesia (Adult and Peds)
Pediatric EM at CHM
Surgical ICU
Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Didactics
EMIM-2 IM Floor Supervisor
IM Floor Supervisor
Cardiac ICU
Medical ICU

Emergency Medicine: Peds & Adult (5 months)

EMIM-3 Medicine Consult Service
IM Floor Supervisor (2 months)
IM Elective (3 months)
Emergency Medicine: Peds & Adult (5 months)
Surgical ICU
EMIM-4 Cardiac ICU
IM Ward Supervision (2 months)
IM Elective (2 months)
DEM/Medical Consult
Emergency Medicine (2 months)
Plastic Surgery
Pediatric ICU at CHM
EM Elective
EMIM-5 Medical ICU
IM Junior Staff (2 months)
IM Elective (3 months)
Emergency Medicine
Pediatric EM
Pediatric Selective
EM Elective

A brief description for these rotations.

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