What to Expect on Interview Day

Applicants are provided with a complimentary single night stay at one of the area hotels (Detroit Renaissance Marriott or the Inn on Ferry Street). The evening before interview day, applicants have the opportunity to meet with a chief resident and other residents of the program over dinner. This allows for resident interaction in an informal setting away from the hospital.

Interview day starts at 8:00am in the Emergency Medicine Department conference room on the second floor of the Clara Ford Pavilion. Parking is available for $1.50 adjacent to the building on the west side of campus. After a one hour presentation on the residency program given by the program director, the applicants will be split into two groups – the first group will interview with four faculty members for approximately twenty minutes per interview. The other group will be taken on a tour of the hospital guided by our residents. At about 10:40am, the groups switch. Lunch start at 12:30pm, with residents joining the applicants to answer any questions about the residency program.

The interview day concludes at 2 pm. If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Owens.


Information for Applicants
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