Alumni Spotlight

Chris Gappy

Fellowship: University of Michigan, Pediatrics


Why did you rank Henry Ford Health?

I ranked Henry Ford Health so high because I felt comfortable there. As I interviewed, everyone greeted me as if they were already my friend, and not a future employer. That was my first time meeting them too. I began to realize I wanted to work for the next 3 years in an environment that I enjoyed. And this was the place. I could feel the vibe that the residents there were happy and not angry and not depressed. They were genuinely smiling. I wanted to be happy during residency, and it was true.

What do you miss about Henry Ford Health?

I miss the family environment at Ford. I miss the attendings who truly treat you as if you were in their family. I miss my brother and sister fellow residents. Luckily, I still keep in touch with most of them.

How did the training program prepare you for your fellowship?

As a third year ophtho resident at Ford, you have a lot of independence in caring for patients. It's scary at the beginning, but it gives you a large amount of confidence in caring for difficult patients in the future. You leave Ford with the quality skills to see complicated patients on day 1 after residency. After I decided to go into pediatric ophthalmology, the pediatric faculty at Ford gave me more opportunities to work with kids and to improve my pediatric exam and surgery techniques. I'm grateful.

Swapna Vemuri

Fellowship: University of California, Irvine; Oculoplastics

Vemuri Swapna

Why did you rank Henry Ford Health?

I had a great Ophthalmology rotation as a medical student which initially introduced me to Henry Ford's Ophthalmology department. The residents and faculty were knowledgeable, surgically talented, and dedicated. They were influential mentors who helped me to decide on a career in Ophthalmology. I realized during my rotation that I would be very fortunate to have the opportunity to train amongst and by individuals who are dedicated to caring for patients. The clinical and surgical training opportunities available in the program also made me feel confident that I would leave residency as a well-trained Ophthalmologist.

What do you miss about Henry Ford Health?

After finishing residency, I missed the collegiality and mentorship at Henry Ford Health. The focused but fun learning environment, calm yet constructive guidance in the OR, and close friendships made for a very memorable 3 years.

How did the training program prepare you for your fellowship?

The Ophthalmology training at Henry Ford Health helped me to become a more confident and skillful physician. When I started fellowship, although there was a period of adjustment into a new hospital system, I quickly realized how strong my clinical and surgical training was at Henry Ford Health. As an Oculoplastics fellow, I was also an attending staffing general Ophthalmology patients, very occasionally even cataract surgery. The continuity clinic at Henry Ford along with surgical training by very skilled surgeons who had years of experience and dedication to teaching helped make my transition into staffing residents' patients less stressful. I am forever grateful to my residency mentors for the strong foundation they helped me build and for being true role models.

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