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Resident Research in Orthopedic Surgery

Basic science, biomechanical, and clinical research opportunities are available to residents. Resident research is facilitated by a protected 2-month research rotation during the third year. At minimum, residents are required to complete one project suitable for publication to meet ACGME requirements.

Multiple opportunities are available to residents to collaborate with Henry Ford Hospital’s Bone and Joint Center. The Bone and Joint Center conducts research in biomechanics, anatomy, biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology. In addition, the Bone and Joint Center operates a state-of-the-art motion analysis laboratory.

The Bone and Joint Center is housed in the integrative Biosciences (iBio) building of Wayne State University. The iBio building is a $90 million facility in the nearby Midtown neighborhood of Detroit. This 200,000 square foot facility brings together faculty and laboratories from multiple disciplines.

Epidemiologic and biostatistical support is available through the Department of Public Health Sciences. All residents apply for in-house funding available through the Henry Ford GME Office.

Some recent publications

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