Orthopedic Trauma

A bustling, urban Level 1 trauma center, Henry Ford Hospital has a large trauma service that offers tremendous opportunity for training in Orthopedic Trauma.

Second- and third-year Orthopedic Surgery residents take overnight call as the “trauma junior.” The trauma junior responds to all in-house and emergency room trauma consults. The in-patient consults are shared with staff; the emergency room consults are seen and treated with a senior resident and staff called in as required.

While on call, the trauma junior prepares the “trauma board” – an electronic x-ray review of all in-house operative cases, in-house consults, and emergency room consults. The trauma board is reviewed at 6 a.m. by all residents and medical students. The group then rounds, grabs a quick breakfast together, and reviews the trauma board with senior staff at 7 a.m.

Our trauma junior and senior Orthopedic Surgery residents are immersed in the trauma experience, and learn how to evaluate and treat a wide scope of traumatic conditions. They find that every night on call presents them with a different scenario in which to hone their clinical skills, as well as other competencies including interpersonal communication, medical knowledge, and systems-based practice.

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