Resident Testimonials

At risk of sounding cliché, Henry Ford Jackson Hospital was my top choice for family medicine residency, and I have not regretted that decision. This program prioritizes wellness and has so much focus on resident physician wellness, which was essential to me.

This family medicine program has everything to allow one to grow into a confident and well-versed physician. I believe Family Medicine requires one to be strong in all aspects of medicine and efficient inpatient and outpatient in large patient volumes and complex cases. From a newborn, to pregnant patients to geriatrics, you follow the whole family! By end of residency, whether you are working inpatient, hospitalist, urgent care, ER, or running your own clinic or office, outpatient, your opportunities are endless, and you will be extremely competent at anything. I always tell others as advice, pick the program, not the city, area, or location as you can go wherever after residency, but go to a program that suits your medical needs and the years will be marvelous and joyful!

The pathology is so unique and vast that I dare say, it would be hard to find such patients to treat and train in. HFAH Family Medicine Residency allows you to practice your medicine style and further develop your skills until they are mastered. It really allows you to make what you would like out of it. You can hone yourself into the physician you wish to be. On top of the medical expertise and experience you gain as a physician; the faculty is like family. Faculty is so heartwarming and caring. To me, it was vital that I was in a program which put me and my well-being first. I have never felt underestimated or not cared for, as a physician. The faculty works with me to help me achieve the plans and goals I have. They are phenomenal and the kind environment is a vast component of why I chose this program. I always feel like I am a priority and put first by my mentors. Plus, you have perks of a large modern outpatient clinic, huge wonderful resident physician GME lounge, and other wellness (monthly or more) activities we complete for resident physicians, but those are just extra bonuses. - Harleen Sekhon, MD, 2022 Alumnus

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